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Black Holidays.

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Welcome Winter Sunset



Join The Black Communities’

“Fix It!” Campaign #22.



Show # 22



Week 22



Predator #17
Black's Lack Of True Faith In God In The Black Communities Of Black America & Around The World.



Be A Part Of The “Lynched In America ” Series…

#24. The “Lynching” Of Black Churches.



Visit The Black Panther Black Poetry Museum For…

Poem #22:


“"Lynched" by white's religions.”



Black Panther Poems

The Black Panther Party Black Community Organizing Coalition Network,


The Black Communities' Reconstruction Era Blueprint ‘09

“Black Panther – Black Community Workshops”


If You Need More Information,

Just Ask.


If You Want To Get Involved,

Just Call.


The Black Panther Party Black Community Organizing Committee Network:



or visit:


Black Atlanta

Black Community Forums


Black Spirituality 







““Lynched” By White’s Religions.”


A Black Panther (P.B.C.O.C.) Network Poem By NEETTA BLACK


I had a talk with God,

Back when i was only ten.

One day when over “who God was?”

My family fought again.


My great-grandmother was from the south,

Southern baptist through-and-through.

My grandmother believed her bible,

The “king james version” to be true.

My mother was “jehovah witness”,

Which I did not understand.

The boys all became muslim,

And got their orders from a man.


God, entered into my mind that day,

When all my family had left the room.

He said that what they’re searching for,

They’ll find it in a “tomb”.


The “jesus story” came from there,

The “moses story” too.

But the words they all had twisted,

Just to fit the things men do.

A muslim is a muslim,

At least that’s what “Malcolm” said.

But when he went against his own,

He suddenly wound up dead.


I looked for a religion,

Where the segments didn’t fight.

I looked at christianty,

But that began with whites.


And “king james”, was said to be a bad man,

And he brought Blacks grief and strife.

But on the book that he interpreted,

Black people base their life.

As I laid all the puzzle out,

The veil began to lift.

I started with all of the pieces,

From the pictures of the crypts.


The beginning of the Black man,

And the destruction of it all.

When for the tricks of evil,

Black men soon begin to fall.


I asked God if there was a way,

To make it like it was?

He said Black men must choose to fight,

The things the devil does.


I asked, what could make Black men forget?

The powers that they hid?

He said, because the devil knows the secrets are hidden,

In the pyramids.



A Black Panther Party (B.C.O.C.) Poem By NEETTA BLACK





Join The
"Call To Action"...


Attention All Black True Faith Based Organizations: Join Our Campaign Against
Predator #17.



Listen To Black Panther Radio
Show # 22

How whites get Blacks to promote Black's lack of true faith in God in the Black communities of Black america & around the world.



And Now That We Have A Black President…

Become One Of The Black Communities’ Liaisons…


Black Communities’ Liaisons To The Departments Of
The Black Communities' History Preservation.


100 Black Historians Needed:

To Teach Black History Preservation Workshops.



For More Information,






21st Century Kwanzaa


The 21st Century Kwanzaa
Celebration Foundation
Celebrates 365 Days
Of Black History
Promoting The Better Understanding
Of The Principles Of Kwanzaa.



Every Aspect Of The Black Man's Life, The Black Woman's Life & The Black Child's Life Is Directly Related To How They Grow, Nurture & Harvest The Fruits Of Their Labors.

& Truly Living
In Balance With The Creator,
With Nature &
With The World Around Us.

Knowing That Mankind Was Not Sent To This World To Simply Get Up, Go To Work, Come Home, Go To Sleep, Get Up, Go To Work, Come Home, Go To Sleep, & So-On & So-On, Each Of Us Must Ask Ourselves
"Why Was I Sent Here?"

To Find The Answer To This Question Takes Time, Peace & Reflection. Most Blacks Work Six Or Seven Days A Week. They Spend Little Time With God. Hardly Any Time With Nature & Almost No Time At Peace.


The 21st Century Kwanzaa
Celebration Foundation
Promotes An 11 Month Work Year.
Anything That Cannot Be Done In 11 Months Of Hard Work, Can Wait One Month While We Reflect.

Any Vacation Time Should Be Taken In The Harvest Month Of December. Time Should Be Spent Alone To Reflect & Unwind. Time Should Be Spent With Family To Rebound & Renew. Time Should Be Spent With The Community To Revitalize & Reinvest.

Baked goods


Wishing You A Prosperous 11 Months,
A Bountiful Harvest Month &
365 Days Of Making Black History.
Happy 21st Century Kwanzaa.

Four men toasting at party


The Seven Candles
Of The
21st Century Kwanzaa

Fancy silver and gold table setting with


 Black Candle - At The Beginning
 The Black Candle Symbolizes Our People. 
 The Black Candle At The Beginning Symbolizes Our Past.
 The Things That We Have Accomplished To Get To This Point. 

Berries and leaves


  Brown Candle - At The Beginning 
Brown Candle Symbolizes Our Color. 
  The Brown Candle At The Beginning Symbolizes Our Elders. 
 They Are The Ones Who Have Paved The Way For Our Success.



  Red Candle
  The Red Candle Symbolizes The Blood That Has Been Shed
 For Us And The Lives That Have Been Lost.
 Many Black Men, Many Black Women & Many Black Children. 



  Yellow Candle  
 The Yellow Candle Symbolizes The Harvest That We
 Share At The End Of Each Harvest Year. 
  Our Families, Our Happiness, Our Health & Our Success. 

Fall harvest


 Green Candle 
 The Green Candle Symbolizes Our Economic Power.
 Choosing Where We Spend Our Black Dollars. 

Close-up of Christmas ribbon


  Brown Candle - At The End 
  The Brown Candle Symbolizes Our Color. 
  The Brown Candle At The End Symbolizes Our Children. 
 They Are Our Future & The Future Of Every Black Bloodline. 

Birthday cake


  Black Candle - At The End 
  The Black Candle Symbolizes Our People. 
  The Black Candle At The End Symbolizes Our Future. 
  Promoting Black Marriages, Promoting Black Fatherhood,
  Promoting Black Motherhood, Promoting Black Home
  Promoting Black Business Ownership & Promoting Black
  Financial Ownership.


Fireworks and stars



The Seven Principles
Of The
21st Century Kwanzaa



1st Day Of Kwanzaa
December 26th,
We Gather Together To Plan The Future Of Our Families, Our Neighborhoods, Our Communities, Our Cities, Our Counties, Our States, Our Countries & Our World.



2nd Day Of Kwanzaa
December 27th,
We Structure & Review Our Plans To Replace 90% Of Our Non-Black Goods & Services With Goods & Services Made By & Provided By Blacks.



3rd Day Of Kwanzaa
December 28th,
Collective Works & Responsibilities
We Structure, Review & Revise Our Plans To Counter The Predators Of The Black Communities & Black Families.

Statue of Liberty & fireworks


4th Day Of Kwanzaa
December 29th,
Cooperative Economics
We Bring Together The Black Private Sector (Black Businesses, Black Financial Institutions, The Black Science Community, The Black Technology Industry, Etc.) & The Public Sector (Black Men, Black Women, Black Children, Black Educators, Black Politicians, Etc.) To Plan For The Growth & Economic Structure Of Black Companies Worldwide.



5th Day Of Kwanzaa
December 30th,
We Bring Together Religious Leaders To Help Black Families Find Their Purpose In Life & Their Purpose In The Black Community.

Sparkling Christmas lights


6th Day Of Kwanzaa
December 31st,
We Structure Plans For The New Year's Engagements Of Young Blacks In The Creating Of Their Plans For The Future & The Openings Of Possibilities In Their Minds.

Sisters at home w/Christmas presents


7th Day Of Kwanzaa
January 1st,
We Come Together In Our Churches, Masques & Other Respective Places Of Worship To Celebrate & Give Recognition Of The Blessings & The Accomplishments Of The Year Past.

Candle surrounded by poinsettias


Join Our Fight To Improve... The State Of Black Holiday Traditions.

Christmas lights on house





Black Panther Party Black Community Organizing Committee Network.

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