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Predator #38
Black's Inability To Rebuild Black Civilizations In Black America & Around The World.



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“The “Willie Lynch” Myth”


A Black Panther (P.B.C.O.C.) Network Poem By NEETTA BLACK


Some Blacks say that “Willie Lynch”,

Never did exist.

Some Blacks say that it was a hoax,

Some say it was a myth.


But hoax or myth, let’s take a look,

And see if it’s a lie.

Though many have attempted to break it down for Blacks,

Let me give it a try.

In seventeen-twelve the speech begins,

On the James River, it is said.

While Rome used cords of wood as crosses,

These whites used trees to hang their dead.


“Willie Lynch” say, he had caught a whiff,

Of valuable stock that could be saved.

If whites just listened, he guaranteed to show them,

A better way to make Blacks behave.


“Development of a social being-“,

“And how to make a slave”.

“Take a young Black man, his pregnant mate”,

“And a baby,” now turn the page.


“Just start with the basic principles”,

“That you use to break a horse”.

“Then you add some other factors in”,

“And then, add a little force”.


“For fear that white future generations”,

“May let Blacks slip through their hands”.

He told the white men, to “keep it simple”,

“So white children could learn the plan”.


“Both horse and Black men are no good”,

“For the economy, you see”.

“In their wild and natural state, it’s clear”,

“Neither one of them, should be free”.


“For an orderly future, special attention”,

“Must be paid to Black females”.

“To get her children to fear all whites”,

“So whites can dominate the males”.


“Her children must be taught to respond”,

“To a particular new language”.

“Mental instructions must be given”,

“Or to whites they can be danger”.


“Most whites hold above, six basic rules”,

“That whites believe to be self-evident”.

“The horse and Black men will surely be”,

“Forever, whites back-breaking servants”.


“Both horse and Black men can be dangerous”,

“To white men, when they’re captured”.

“They both will have a tendency”,

“To seek their freedom ever-after”.


“And in so doing, Black men just might”,

“Kill white men in their sleep”.

“So whites can not rest, it would take too much”,

“To kill a Black man once he’s free”.


“So keep his body and take his mind”,

“The breaking process is the same”.

“The horse and Black men, both are beasts”,

“That white men have to tame”.


“For the continued future of slavery”,

“Pay no attention to the old”.

“Concentrate on future Black generations”,

“Get them to sell their souls”.


For example, “let’s take a stud”,

“And a female horse in heat”.

“And a baby horse, then let’s compare”,

“Them to Blacks and you will see”.


“Now take the horse and lock him up”,

“And break him ‘til he’s beat”.

“Then take the female and break her down”,

“‘Till she’s fearful, confused and weak”.


“Then train that female horse, so that”,

“She will eat out of your hand”.

“Then she in turn, will raise her young”,

“To fear whites when they stand”.


“When it comes to breaking uneducated Blacks”,

“The same process you will find”.

“A different degree, turn up the pressure”,

“Do a complete, reversal of the mind”.


“Now whites should take the meanest and baddest Black man”,

“And strip him of his clothes”.

“In front of all the remaining Black males”,

“And the Black females that he knows”.


“Now whites should tie, each of his legs to a different horse”,

“Faced in opposite directions”.

“Set his butt on fire, then slap the horses”,

“To rip him up his middle section”.


“Now whites should take, a whip and beat another Black man”,

“Right to the point of death”.

“In front of his woman and his children”,

“But don’t kill him, share the wealth”.


“Just put the fear of God in him”,

“For all of the other Blacks to see”.

“Now he can make more whites, more money”,

“With all the slaves that he can breed”.


“The negro marriage unit”,

“Is something white men should control”.

“Keep Black men moving and on the run”,

“So his Black children can be sold”.


“Make the female raise her sons”,

“To always depend on her for help”.

“And make her raise her daughters, not to need a man”,

“And to always do things for themself”.


“Now in eighteen years, when all of her children”,

“Get old enough to breed”.

“They’ll continue the cycle and make weaker Blacks”,

“That can’t spell or write or read”.


“So white men cheer, this does sound good”,

“But long-range planning, whites must do”.

“For if the Blacks ever learn their history”,

“Then, white dominance is through”.


“Now whites should keep Black females, at the head”,

“And whites must keep Black men, falling behind”.

“But if any phenomenon, should switch them back”,

“It will be their history, they will find”.


“For now, whites have no reason to worry”,

“As long as, whites teach Blacks, to hate the Black race”.

“Though the programming may get a little more complicated”,

“Blacks must see Blacks as a waste of space”.


“But whites must control the words Blacks hear”,

“And keep Blacks dumb, so Blacks won’t know”.

“That when a Black man finds his history”,

“His education grows”.


When you tell a dumb man that “this is ours”,

And he doesn’t know the language well.

By “ours”, whites mean “belongs to whites”,

To them, “Black men are just for sale”.


So maybe a man named “Willie Lynch”,

Never even walked this land.

But, what about the things that are in the letter?

Did whites do that to Africans?


I don’t know, it seems they did,

Maybe visiting a Black museum could help.

Or maybe one day, when you have the time,

You should read the letter for yourself.


A Black Panther (P.B.C.O.C.) Network Poem By NEETTA BLACK

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