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Black Songwriters.

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Join The Black Communities’

“Fix It!” Campaign #24.



Show # 24



Week 24



Predator #19
Black's Disconnection From The Black Political Process In The Black Communities Of Black America & Around The World.



Be A Part Of The “Lynched In America ” Series…

#91. The “Lynching” Of Black Nations.



Visit The Black Panther Black Poetry Museum For…

Poem #24:


“When I First Came, It Was A Black World.”



Join The
"Call To Action"...


Attention All Black Political Advocate Organizations: Join Our Campaign Against
Predator #19.



Listen To Black Panther Radio
Show # 24

How whites promote Black's disconnection from the Black political process in the Black communities of Black america & around the world.



And Now That We Have A Black President…

Become One Of The Black Communities’ Liaisons…


Black Communities’ Liaisons To The Departments Of
The Black Communities' Interiors.


100 Black Political Science Teachers Needed:

To Teach Black Political Participation Workshops.



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